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Category: Lending Industry

Alternative Business Loans Assist Small Businesses

Alternative Business Loans Help Businesses Grow The reputation of the alternative lending industry is suffering due to the proliferation of exposés using isolated incidents as circumstantial evidence aiming to delegitimize the industry as a whole. It is imperative to address this hot button issue. Why? Because lone wolf incidents aside, alternative lending is the backbone […]

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Small Business Lending After the Recession

There has been a lot of controversy lately over who is responsible for the small business community’s struggles with finding loans. Any business owner looking for a small business loan today knows how difficult it can be to find a lender willing to give their business money. Since the financial collapse of 2008 the access […]

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Shield Funding Ranked Number One for Alternative Business Loans

Shield Funding has been ranked the #1 provider of alternative business loans by a leading information provider in the industry. The ranking process considers a variety of factors when determining a winner and some of those factors include: client references, market performance, as well as a variety of other research statistics. In our effort to […]

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