Easy Business Loans

Easy Business Loans

Getting a business loan can be a long and difficult task. Most banks and government agency loans require a mountain of paperwork and verified credentials. This process can often last for months and leave small business owners frustrated. Shield Funding has streamlined the application process through technology and innovation and now small business owners can apply and receive easy business loans with almost no hassle.

What makes our business loan process so fast and easy is that there is almost no effort required by the client. There is no calling companies or agencies to request paperwork, there are no notary requests or mail to wait for, our application process is simple. Our clients generally provide a few months of bank statements and possibly a few months of credit card processing statements and that is the hard part. Most of these documents are available online and can be emailed to our account managers in just a few minutes. Along with the statements we require a very simple one page application. There are no lengthy credit checks or background scrutiny, and once we have the few documents we require we can provide fast business loans shortly after.

The process is so fast and easy that our business loans have become a preferred method for acquiring financing amongst many small business owners. The benefits of not going through all the red tape that is associated with traditional financing makes our program seem effortless and it not only saves time when applying for funding, but it also less stressful on small business owners. Many applicants can’t believe just how easy it has become to receive a business loan with Shield Funding.

Running a small business is frustrating enough so when small business owners need financing they should not be subjected to additional stress. It is our job to get you funding, not yours. When it comes time to applying for working capital Shield Funding’s easy business loan program takes all of the frustration and effort away from business owners so they can stay focused on running their business. For more information call (888) 882-6117 or complete our easy apply form to begin the process.