High Risk Business Loans

There are a lot of really good small businesses out there that can be great businesses with access to additional working capital. Some of the business owners operating these companies are considered a high risk because of recent credit issues, their companies operate in an industry that is considered volatile with traditional lenders, or for various other reasons. These small business owners do not have the ability to go to a bank to get funding although they are very likely to pay back the loan. Shield Funding has recently established a program for high risk business loans to fund these exact types of companies and their owners.

High risk business loans from Shield Funding provide non-bankable small business owners with an opportunity to receive financing regardless of the risk involved or the borrower’s credit history. We understand that many small business owners fall into the risk high category unnecessarily and they are actually good borrowing candidates. We look at more than just what is in black and white when approving a potential client for funding.

Your Industry Makes You a High Risk Borrower

There are many reasons why traditional lenders choose to classify a business as a high risk when it comes to borrowing money. Some typical high risk businesses are restaurants, construction companies, many seasonal and cyclical businesses. Even most new or young companies are considered high risk simply because they do not have a track record or proven sustainability. Shield Funding has experience lending high risk candidates and we understand that many of these companies are proven earners and deserve a small business loan regardless of their industry or time in business.

Bad Credit Makes You a High Risk Borrower

It is very normal when the economy is struggling or your business goes through a slow cycle for you to to go from being classified as having perfect credit to a high risk category.  Sometimes it is necessary and prudent to push off existing creditors in order to keep a company afloat. The decision that keeps a small company operating is the right decision, and because so many business owners had to make these types of risky decisions throughout the economic crisis, we created the high risk business loans program.

Who is Eligible?

Shield Funding recognizes the huge potential in many small business owners regardless of the risk highlighted in some particular document or statistic. If you own a business that generates consistent revenue, regardless of your profit or loss, you are eligible to apply. Even if you have bad credit or have recently been denied a business loan you are eligible to apply. Due to the countless types of issues that can classify a loan as risky we encourage all business owners to apply.

Every lender or banking institution defines risk differently, and most traditional financing institutions do not provide high risk business funding opportunities. However, Shield Funding specializes in high risk or bad credit business loans and has been providing this type of business funding for almost ten years. No matter what your credit history looks like or the category of risk your business falls under, if you own your own company there is a very good chance that we can get you funded. If you would like more information on the program or would like to apply please call (888) 882-6117 or apply online. We look forward to working with you.