Salon Loans

Business Loans for Salon Owners

Relax today with an unsecured bad credit business loan for your salon and spa.

Unsecured Bad Credit Business Loans for Salons and Spas are available from Shield Funding

Even without the economic downturn it has been very difficult for salon owners to obtain financing. Many banks and lending institutions will not offer business loans for this industry because it is considered a high risk loan. We know that many salons are excellent businesses and well managed and that is why we offer financing for salons and spas. Applying for a business loan from Shield Funding is very easy with our online apply form. We can get back to you shortly after you apply to discuss the financing options available for your business.

Salon & Spa Financing

Our business loans are a great resource for financing your salon. We offer you a loan based on your future sales receipts. All we do is use a small portion of the revenues you will receive in the future and this is the capital used to repay the loan. There are no large payments looming over your business and if you experience a slow business cycle at your salon or spa the payments can be lowered because you take in less revenue. This eliminates unnecessary stress for larger loan payments during difficult times.

Bad Credit Alternative Financing

Because we structure the business loan based on future gross sales you do not have to worry about a bad credit rating or go through a lengthy paperwork process. This is one of the most advantageous features of business loans for bad credit. We are able to process your application quickly because we do not have to examine lengthy credit reports or request tax returns as a traditional bank loan would require. There are also no restrictions on how you utilize the financing.

Improve Or Expand Your Salon With Financing

Making a good business even better requires working capital. Because there are no restrictions on the financing we provide you can use the loan however you wish. Many salon owners purchase new equipment or expand their facilities. Bring in new business and leave your competitors behind. Apply for funding with our salon business loans.