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Shield Funding has 10 years of experience in helping business owners secure business funding to expand their companies. Whether you’re an optometrist, an ophthalmologist, an eyeglasses retailer, or any other eye care professional, we’re here to help you when you need extra cash to expand—or just pay the bills. Eye care is an important field; when 75% of adults wear glasses, there’s a huge need for professionals who can help. And there’s plenty of room for entrepreneurship; you might start your own optometry practice, join a small ophthalmology group, or open an eyeglasses store.

Whatever you decide to do, you can expect to see high operating and expansion costs. A lot of education, equipment, and assistance is needed for high-quality eye care. But if you can meet the costs, you can be proud of the assistance you’re providing to people who need your help. We understand your business which is why we make applying for, and receiving your business loan fast and easy. Get started online and you can receive funding in as fast as the same day that you apply.

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What Do I Need to Qualify?

Below is a list of the requirements to get approved for business funding with our most basic program.

  • At Least 3 Months in Business
  • 530 Min. Credit Score
  • $10,000 Min. Monthly Revenue
  • How Do I Apply?

    Applying has never been easier. You can either call our toll free number 24 hours 7 days a week at


    Submit your online application by clicking apply below and entering a few basic details about your business.

    Types of Business Loan Available

    Small Business Loans

    Whether you’re expanding your practice, buying new equipment, or offering a larger selection of frames, you need cash to do it. Term loans are all-purpose loans—you can use them for anything you want.

    That means you can make big plans . . . or cover employee salaries during a downturn. With more consumers opting to buy glasses online, you might need to boost your marketing and advertising spend to keep bringing in customers. Or you may be looking to add another location when times are good.

    No matter what you’re hoping to do, a small business loan secured through Shield Funding will help. You can get up to $1,000,000 at interest rates as low as 5%. As long as you’ve been in business for two months and you’re bringing in at least $8,000 of monthly revenue, you can qualify.

    Alternative Business Loans

    Optometrists and ophthalmologists go through a great deal of schooling—and that can mean big student debts. We understand that. We know that you might have cut corners or delayed payments in the past. But we don’t think that should make it impossible to get a loan.

    Traditional banks will deny eye care professionals loans for having less-than-perfect credit. But because we’re an alternative lender, we’ll work with you. As long as your credit score is 500 or greater, you can get a merchant cash advance from Shield Funding.

    You can still get up to $1,000,000 at interest rates as low as 12%. If you’ve been in business for two months and you bring in at least $8,000 every month, we’ll work with you to find the right loan product for your eye care business.

    Business Line of Credit

    Glasses retailers need to keep a lot of stock. Frames, lenses, contacts, and accessories like cases and cleaning supplies take up a lot of room and can cost a lot to keep up to date. This is especially true as frame styles change.

    business line of credit is like a business credit card with a much lower interest rate. You can borrow up to $250,000 at a time and you’ll pay it back in monthly installments. But instead of 20–30% interest, you’ll pay 5–10%.

    That can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And the flexibility you get in payment schedules and loan amounts means you only need to borrow as much money as you need at the moment.

    Small Business Loans for Women

    Almost half of all optometrists are women. And we know that female business owners face unique challenges. We’re here to help with those challenges. Which is why we offer loans specifically for female eye care professionals.

    Like our other loans, you can secure up to $1,000,000 to run or expand your business. As long as you’ve been in business for two months and bring in $8,000 of monthly revenue, you can qualify for rates as low as 12%.

    So if you need more inventory, you can pay for it. You can expand your offerings. Upgrade your equipment. Continue your education. Whatever you need to do, our loans for women can help you do it.

    Apply Directly to One Source!

    Work with a direct lender and get a business loan as fast as the same day. Shield Funding offers competitive rates and terms on all it’s funding programs. Apply now with a trusted lender that has been helping business owners secure working capital for almost two decades.

    Business Financing Tips for Running Your Eye Care Business

    Maintaining and Improving Inventory

    Most optometrists are paired with eyeglasses retailers. And to run a successful retail shop, you need inventory. Frame styles change quickly, and making sales depends on your ability to offer stylish, on-trend frames.

    This is especially true now that online glasses sales have skyrocketed. Competing with companies like Warby Parker, Zenni, and EyeBuyDirect means offering modern frames at great prices.

    You’ll need to take advantage of any opportunity you have to save money on frames. Wholesaler clearances, special deals, and buying in bulk will come in handy. But all of those opportunities require cash on hand. If you don’t have the available funds, taking a short-term loan will help you make good purchases.

    And let’s not forget that you’re selling more than frames. You might grind your own lenses. You’ll need to stock glasses cases, contact trials and cases, cleaning supplies, sunglasses, sport glasses, and all sorts of other things if you want to be a one-stop eye care shop.

    Expanding your services or opening a new location make this proposition especially expensive. Avoid falling behind by taking small loans when they can help you do better business.

    Optometry Equipment

    Like any doctors, eye doctors need specialized equipment. Refractors, glaucoma testers, ophthalmoscopes, spot vision screeners, slit lamps, ophthalmometers, otoscopes, and other equipment are necessary for optometrists and ophthalmologists to do their jobs.

    And while some of those items are cheap, most can cost thousands of dollars. A high-end refractor might set you back $4,000. An autorefractor could be even more. Exam chairs cost thousands. And if you need more specialized equipment, your costs can run even higher.

    And, of course, this equipment needs to be maintained and updated. As new technologies arise, patients come to expect higher-end offerings. And if you’re expanding to a new location—or even adding a single new exam room—you need the equipment to make use of it.

    Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

    Are you still using paper health records for your business? If you are, it’s time to upgrade to an electronic system. EHR systems better manage patient privacy and make it much easier for you to communicate with other practices.

    There are a lot of benefits, but you’ll have to prepare to shell out for them. EHR system for optometry practices can often cost $15,000 or more. That’s a significant investment, but it will make your life (or the lives of your receptionists) much easier. And with increasingly stringent privacy requirements, you may have to implement one at some point anyway.

    It’s easy to put off implementing an EHR system. They’re complicated and expensive. But they also give your eye care business a sense of sophistication and credibility.

    On-Site Optometry Lab

    Many optometrists and retailers outsource their lab work. And while this can be an economical option, it also means giving up control over part of the eye care process—as well as longer wait times for new glasses.

    An on-site lab lets you grind and shape lenses so customers get their glasses sooner. It’s a great service to offer, and it makes a big difference in the customer experience. But setting up an on-site lab can cost upwards of $300,000.

    The improved service you can offer (as well as the removal of administrative outsourcing headaches) means you’ll get a good return on that investment. But few companies have enough cash to pay for an on-site lab up front.

    That’s where a small business loan comes in. By taking out a loan from an alternative lender, you can pay for your on-site lab without breaking the bank. And with flexible terms, you can find a loan that works for you.

    Want to find out more about how our loan products can help your eye care business? Get in touch today and we’ll help you find the right loan for your business!

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    Want to find out more about how our loan products can help your eye care business? Get in touch today and we’ll help you find the right loan for your business!