Hard Money Business Loans

Hard Money Business Loans

hard money business loansThe struggling economy combined with a tight lending environment has made going to a bank to get a business loan almost impossible. More and more small business owners are looking for business loans outside of the traditional financing channels as requirements for these sources become increasingly more difficult to meet. Shield Funding is a trusted and reputable hard money business lender to help address the financing needs of small business owners. Our hard money business loans are a great alternative financing option for small business owners that cannot meet the strict lending requirements from banks and government agencies.

We make it easy to apply and receive hard money for your business. In order to be eligible you only need to have an established business that generates monthly gross revenues. We do not care about profit or losses either; our only concern is that you have a cash flow. We give you money and allow you to pay it back as you generate your future cash flow with new sales.

Also, because it is hard money and not a traditional business loan, there is no accruing interest. We give you the hard money and charge you a fee for the exchange so all you pay back is the funded amount and our fee and that number never changes with accruing costs so you will know exactly what the money will cost your business from the very beginning. More importantly, our rates are very competitive so you can expect very reasonable numbers when acquiring a hard money business loan with our company. We want you and your business to succeed and we know that the only way that it is possible is if you get a good deal.

There is also another great feature of our hard money lending program. We have very flexible credit requirements when giving hard money business loans. Because we base the exchange on the cash flow of your business no matter how bad your credit is or how many times you were denied in the past you are likely to receive funding with us.

The Shield Funding hard money solution is a great way for you to get working capital loans for your business. We feature very flexible terms with our credit requirements and we offer competitive rates to those businesses that are eligible. Give us a call if you have any questions or start the process by applying online. We look forward to your application.